How you helped Milissa Blue Design Co become a reality

We are thrilled that everyone who rocks our handbags and accessories, knows they are getting a unique and high quality product and experience worthy of a Queen.

~Carlette Scott
Milissa Blue Design Co CEO

Before I created Milissa Blue Design Co., I agonized over the acceptance I would receive.
Then one day the clothing crisis happened.  All dressed up and no handbag to match.  I wanted to “slay” my all black ensemble with a pop of color that would really turn heads.  All I had was a black clutch with no pizazz.  At that moment I decided I needed to create my own.
I was concerned so that no one would like anything I created.  I mean, was I really good enough?  Did I possess the skills necessary to compete with bigger names?
But then…
I had a moment of clarity and realization.  How would I know if I didn’t put my creations in the atmosphere.  I was sure other women wanted that feeling of POW when attending events or just enjoying everyday life.
I decided I set out to create the most high-end unique handbags and accessories for the most fashionable women in the world.
It turns out…
The road was more difficult than I imagined.
Yes, I could create, but getting my name out there was no easy feat.
Well, I couldn’t let that be it.  I kept working and reaching out to people until I started hearing the buzz.
Although people we intrigued, I still feared the sound of crickets once I made my big debut.
Through it all, we released our first product line and the response has been comforting. 
The best part?
Our second line was even featured in over 90 news publications.

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